Power to make you Move

Moving is not easy but it must be done. There is a lot of lifting, pushing and shoving therefore it is important to know what to expect. This is because in most cases when relocating, people hire moving companies.

The moving company should let you know well in advance when the moving crew will show up. When they do arrive, there will be a driver/van operator who is often the supervisor of the crew – this is your go-to person for any questions or concerns.

The first thing your moving company will generally do is prepare a written inventory of your goods, assessing each item’s condition and assigning it a number for the inventory. You should agree with the assessment, and check to be sure that nothing is listed incorrectly on the inventory.

The purpose of the inventory is to ensure that everything arrives at your destination in the condition in which they started; it’s also done so a damage claim cannot be filed on items with previous damage. Make sure you agree with everything before signing.

After the inventory is completed, the movers start loading the moving van after determining the best order in which to load the moving van. Be sure that anything you don’t want loaded — like personal items and high-value items you plan to carry separately — is clearly set aside from the things to be moved.

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Just so you are certain about who helps you move you need to check them out. Find out about their reputation and se4rvice quality. The best place to find this kind of information is from online or magazine reviews. They should not necessarily spring from their website.

Operators of the website – Is the website run by an independent owner(s), who gathers the data independent of any obligation, or is it run by a moving company? An independent will post good, bad, and mediocre reviews. A site run by a moving company will only post reviews favorable to its operations.

The number of reviews that have been submitted – The more reviews that are on the site, the more thorough an assessment you can make. Keep in mind that as you read the reviews, the company is probable not as great as its most glowing review, but probably not as bad as its least favorable.

What are the reviews discussing – Reviews will discuss everything from the courtesy of the movers, to their punctuality, to the language that they use. Try to discern what reviews speak directly to the quality of the work performed (punctuality, care in handling, efficiency, accuracy of estimate to final bill, cooperative, etc.) and which are value judgments that merely reflect the reviewer’s personal preference for behavior (courtesy, language use, indifference, demeanor while working).

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Moving does not have to be expensive. You can actually estimate how much a moving company will charge depending on a number of factors like time and distance so that you can choose what works for your pocket.

Whether you’re on the fence about using your own muscle versus hired muscle for your move, it will cost you either way. It basically boils down to whether you choose to spend your time or your money.

If you’re short on time and manpower or just want to offset some of the tasks onto professional shoulders, then hiring a licensed, reputable and experienced mover sounds like your best option. Requesting free move estimates is the most reliable and accurate way to budget for your moving costs, and to shop around for the best options.

But if you want to gauge a ballpark quote before contacting movers, then it’s helpful to understand some of the basics. Most professional moving companies will estimate your moving cost on a combination of the following factors:

  • Distance
  • Weight (critical factor in a long distance move)
  • Time
  • Move size/Difficulty
  • Crew size
  • Gas

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